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Pastors/Church Leaders

As a pastor or church leader, your members have a variety of needs. Most of the time you are equipped to deal with their needs through ministry, prayer, or one-on-one counseling. Other times members need therapeutic care beyond what you may feel qualified to provide. This could range from very serious mental health problems to a current short-term crisis the member may need help in navigating. Often times a member may feel they want to keep their needs confidential from their spiritual leaders, or their leaders may not have the time, availability, or training to provide for needed treatment.

In these scenarios, a licensed clinical psychologist can play a key role in providing the necessary care parishioners need to achieve mental health, wholeness and a realization of their God-given purpose. Pastors are often relieved to know that their church members then are receiving counsel from someone who shares their Christian world view. More importantly they can rest in the knowledge that those requiring more intensive mental care are being helped by professional intervention. Dr. Borden believes in the idea of clinical integration, a philosophy which affirms the fact that the client is created by God with a biological, psychological, and spiritual nature, and that God cares for them and their needs. This causes a changed perspective in the way the client is understood and treated. Pastors are often appreciative that members are being cared for while they are free to focus on the vision of the house, administrative duties, and the numerous other commitments that clamor for their time. Mental health needs are just as important as physical health needs, and just like pastors are not expected to provide medical care, they are likewise not expected to provide intensive mental care. As in any scenario, prayer support is a most important ingredient.

Dr. Borden is prepared to meet your congregation’s mental health needs. Contact us here to arrange a meeting time where we can sit down with you and discuss treatment plans and policies. Dr. Borden can also discuss payment from church support funds rather than member payment if the church has or would like to establish such programs. In any referral from a church, regardless of who is paying for treatment, confidentiality concerning the client’s needs is always maintained between the client and therapist, unless the client asks for input from the pastor or desires progress updates to be provided to the pastor. In this case, a release of information form would be signed by the client. Consultation can also be provided to any pastor needing help to determine what avenue of care a member might need and possibly take to reach recovery. It is Dr. Borden’s goal to help pastors develop healthy members spiritually, mentally, physically, and relationally, which only helps establish a stronger body better equipped to reach the world.