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Physicians are often seen as a "catch all" for anything that ails a patient. While this can certainly be the case with medical needs, patients often need mental care for depression, anxiety, or major life crises. Sometimes pharmacological intervention can help these patients with their mental health needs; however, most medical doctors do not have time to provide on-going therapy. Often patients can benefit from therapeutic intervention to complement pharmacological intervention, or benefit from help with deeper needs toward the goal of discontinuing chemical support. As with any specialty, referral to the right caregiver is key to full recovery. Working with physicians in the community to help their patients achieve physical and mental health is one of Dr. Borden’s primary goals in the community. Since referral is a two-way street, referring patients to physicians that can provide psychopharmacological intervention or other medical treatment is sometimes necessary. If you are interested in setting up a referral relationship with Dr. Borden, please contact us here. As always, a release of information from the client is necessary for such consultation and care collaboration.